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Noise Categories for Track Diary -


Following a recent review of the Oulton Park Residents' Website, some changes to the colour-coding of each day's activities have been made in order to help residents have a more logical and better understanding of the noise levels from each colour code of activity taking place at the circuit.

Each colour represents a maximum specific noise limit determined by either the governing bodies of our sport, or other specified limits that have been required by the local authority for particular types of activity or particular circuit configurations.

The revised categories are as follows:

White(Limit: 85 dB(A) drive-by monitoring at 20m)

This represents days and evenings when the circuit has only the quietest activity taking place, of a similar noise level to normal cars on the local roads. Such activity is restricted to either the circuit's own quiet vehicles, such as those used on retail gift experiences, or quiet, standard production road cars driven at modest speeds only. Other activity would be evening charity cycle rides, sponsored walks or runs.

Green(Limit: 102 dB(A) at 0.5m tested statically, and a 89 dB(A) drive by limit at 20m)

This refers to our normal motorcycle track days, where members of the public drive their own motorcycles on the track.

Yellow(Limit: 105 dB(A) at 0.5m tested statically, and a 92 dB(A) drive by limit at 20m)

This refers to our normal car track days, where members of the public drive their own cars on the track.

Orange(Limit: 108 dB(A) measured statically)

This refers to car and motorcycle test and race event days and is the level adopted by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and the Auto Cycle Union (ACU), who set the regulations governing all UK car and motorcycle club racing. When cars or motorcycles are testing we adopt the same sound levels and test procedures as during a race event.

Red(Limit: 118 dB(A) measured statically)

These race events will include more powerful vehicles that have a higher permitted noise level by the regulatory bodies, the MSA and FIA, such as the British Touring Car Championship, the British GT Championship, the British Formula Three Championship and the British Superbike Championship.

Black(Noise lever over 118 dB(A)

This category is for the noisiest activity which is for vehicle types that usually race internationally, are unable to have silencers fitted and are authorised as such by the international regulatory body, the FIA. These are for top level single seater, sports car and historic race cars, such as Le Mans prototypes, FIA GT cars and various powerful formula cars such as older F1 cars. The operation and number of these days is strictly limited and controlled by our circuit Noise Management Plan.