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Oulton Park Circuit
Little Budworth
Cheshire CW6 9BW

Tel: 01829 760301
Fax: 01829 760378

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Oulton Park Residents Track Diary 

Track events and activity at Oulton Park are separated into six categories according to the levels of noise produced. For a description of each level, please hover over the appropriate noise level below:

Friday 1 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton Park (International)Car Testing
Saturday 2 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton Park (International)Race Meeting
Sunday 3 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkDriving Experiences
Monday 4 June9.00am-5.00pmNo Activity
Tuesday 5 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton Park (International)Bike Track Day
Wednesday 6 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton Park (International)Car Track Day
Thursday 7 June9.00am-5.00pmNo Activity
Friday 8 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton Park (International)Car Testing
Saturday 9 June8.30am-6.30pmOulton ParkRace Meeting
Sunday 10 June8.30am-6.30pmOulton ParkRace Meeting
Monday 11 June9.00am-5.00pmNo Activity
Tuesday 12 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkCar Track Day
Wednesday 13 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkBike Track Day
Thursday 14 June9.00am-5.00pmPrivate Event
Friday 15 June9.00am-5.00pmBrands HatchCar Testing
Saturday 16 June8.30am-6.30pmOulton ParkRace Meeting
Sunday 17 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkDriving Experiences
Monday 18 June9.00am-5.00pmNo Activity
Tuesday 19 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkBike Track Day
Wednesday 20 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkBike Track Day
Thursday 21 June9.00am-5.00pmNo Activity
Friday 22 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkCar Testing
Saturday 23 June8.30am-6.30pmOulton ParkRace Meeting
Sunday 24 June9.00am-5.00pmNo Activity
Monday 25 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkNo Activity
Tuesday 26 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkCar Track Day
Wednesday 27 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkBike Track Day
Thursday 28 June9.00am-5.00pmPrivate Event
Friday 29 June9.00am-5.00pmOulton ParkCar Testing
Saturday 30 June8.30am-6.30pmOulton ParkRace Meeting